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Any dispute between two parties could potentially lead to civil litigation. This could be something as simple as a dispute between neighbors, or as complex as a multi-million dollar business contract dispute. We have represented individuals and businesses in civil disputes such as landlord/tenant, contract, warranty, employment, real estate, etc.

We provide “General Counsel” services to numerous businesses in the area. This is a cost effective way for small businesses (generally under 100 employees) to have access to legal services without having to pay for in-house counsel. Many of these businesses experience sudden growth and neglect the legal aspects of their business. This leads to legal exposure, either with customers, employees, or independent contractors.

We represent our clients zealously, but are mindful of the long term result and their pocket. We maintain constant communication with our client. This allows them to make the ultimate decision, with our legal advice and guidance.

Contract our office today for a free case evaluation of your civil dispute.